Wednesday, June 11, 2008


After the chaos that has been our lives for the past month things are starting to get into a "normal" routine again. I have been able to come back to work at the church consistently, which is good because the summer is one of our busiest times. It's hard though to leave my little guy though, much more so than I ever imagined but mom is taking great care of him and loving on him all the time so he's alright.
However, over these past few days Mindy and I have been diving into a conversation that seems to always come back to a similar theme. That theme is plans. Throughout both of our lives we have been planners. We schedule details, plan ahead, and work to have all of our ducks in a row. With the birth of our son, we had our plans laid out that he would be born on Friday morning and be in our arms in a matter of hours. However, someone had other plans. That someone would be our Heavenly Father and Divine Creator, God. As we went through the process of waiting three weeks and six days to get our boy home we were unable to see the big picture that God was teaching us. However, now as we look back on things we are able to see His hand that we knew was there but many times couldn't see. His hand was upon all three of us and in hindsight was teaching us that our plans are not really that important unless they are His plans. After looking back on everything we went through we have come to realize that God's plan is so much better because we not only have a son now, who even the nurses didn't think would make it at first, but he is healthy and active. This process has shown us the importance of God's plan and our need not to be so stuck in our own plans that may lead us off course. Just some food for thought and this will be a sermon I'm sure with a little more work and time. Thank you again to everyone who prayed for is loving on our son. We love you all!

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