Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Look Back and A Look Ahead

Well, summer is officially over and the fun filled fall months have begun. For those of us in youth ministry the summer months are always filled with camps, trips, mission projects and other fun stuff that keeps us very busy.
This past summer was no exception for us and our students. We spent our summer attending our yearly church camp, going on a mission's trip to New York, and of course the typically Cedar Point trip. We also did some things this summer with our students that we fun such as bowling, golfing, going to the movies and other things. One of the most meaningful things that I saw was the heart that our students have for serving. We took three days this summer to do service work for those in our community. We went to the rescue mission, an elderly adult facility, and to a place that provides tutoring for underprivileged children. Our students performed a variety of tasks all of which were worthwhile and wonderfully done. I am so encouraged by their love for serving others and their willingness to get their hands dirty.
As we look back on what was done and where we have been we are eagerly looking ahead to where we are going. This fall should be amazing for our student ministry. We are planning on making some major changing to our programming, which still needs prayer by the way, and moving forward with ministry. While we already have our calendar mapped out we know that there are still a number of things that will come up. We are also aware of the number of issues that our students are facing and will face during this upcoming school year which will mean that we will have our hands covered in the dirt of their lives by the time the end of this school year gets here, which is fine.
Our family has been very busy as well, running to see each other and also spending time with little Corban. He is a wonderful blessing to our lives and we love having him around. He truly does bless our lives and in just seven days he will be four months old! We are truly blessed and love what we are doing.