Thursday, January 7, 2010


The third and final component of this sermon asked the congregation to focus upon the anticipation of starting another year and another decade. After examining the events of this past year and this past decade, I firmly believe that the year of 2010 has a great deal in store for me personally and for my family. Listed below are a few of the anticipated events that either will or could transpire in the coming year.

1.) The birth of our third child, Ellie Kate Hart, who will be born sometime in February
2.) The finding of a job (may or may not be ministry related) in order for our family to be cared for financially
3.) The purchase or rental of a home that we can call ours again
4.) The second birthday of our son Corban Boyd Hart
5.) The remembrance of the third birthday of our daughter in heaven, Callie Grace Hart
6.) The completion of my Master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University
7.) The celebration of five years of marriage with my wonderful wife, Mindy

While this is, only a sampling of the things that we believe God has in store for our family during the upcoming year we hope and pray that God has wonderful things in store for you as well. While it may be challenging to review your past and look ahead to the future, may you remember what God has brought you through in the past and what wonderful blessings are still in store for you from God, Himself.

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